Open the Magento Connect Manager from the Magento Admin Panel.

Search for the extension key on Magento Connect or download the extension directly from our homepage. Then, click Install or Upload.

You should see a message in the console that the extension has been installed correctly.

If you use Compilation, don't forget to Recompile now.

Then, go back to your admin panel to configure the extension. You will find it under System - Configuration - Payment Methods.

 Enable "export orders" in order to transfer order data from your store to Komfortkasse. Enable "update orders" to retrieve payment status updates.

Choose the payment methods that a prepayment order must have to be transferred to Komfortkasse. Normally, this will be "Bank Transfer Payment".

Choose that status that a prepayment order must have to be transferred to Komfortkasse. Depending on how your status flow is, that can be "Pending", "Processing", or both.

Choose the status you want a prepayment order to have after it has been paid. This can be a new status that you create (e.g., "Bank Transfer Paid"), or "Processing".

Choose the status you want an order to have when it has been canceled. Typically, this is "Canceled".

You have now configured Komfortkasse for prepayment orders. Now, configure the same values for payment by invoice. Note that on a typical Magento installation, there is no "incoive" payment method. You might have to create this payment method or install an Extension that provides such a payment method.

For invoice payment, there are advanced configuration settings that change the way the total amount of an order is calculated. On a typical installation, these settings can all be set "Disabled".

The following advanced settings are available:

  • Invoice: use invoice amount
    If enabled, the invoice amount will be used instead of the order amount as open amount for Komfortkasse.
  • Invoice: subtract credit notes
    If using invoice amount, amounts of existing credit notes will be subtracted for the open amount for Komfortkasse.
  • Invoice: treat credit notes as invoices
    If enabled, credit notes will be seen as corrections of invoices.
  • Invoice: use last receipt only
    If invoice amount is enabled and there are multiple invoices, the amount will be summed up. If this option is enabled, the amount from the newest invoice will be used as open amount.

You have now configured Komfortkasse for invoice payment. Now, configure for COD (cash on delivery) payment.

You have now configured Komfortkasse for COD (cash on delivery).

For all configured payment methods, if there is an invoice for an order, Komfortkasse normally also changes the payment status for the invoice to "paid". You might disable this behaviour in the next option:

Do not change the other options (encryption, access code, API key, secret keys). These values will be automatically filled in when you connect your shop with Komfortkasse.

Next Step: register and connect your shop


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